.london, .florist, .what?!


You may have heard of various new domain possibilities recently, including .london, .florist etc. You’ve probably noticed our domain is a .io, meaning Netz is primarily a technology related business.

In this article we’ll try to explain what it’s all about and how it could benefit your business. These new domains are the biggest shake-up the modern web has known.

Why do we need new domains?

If you have ever searched for a domain name in recent years, chances are you have found it very difficult to get the one you want. The .com variation is particularly difficult to obtain, with many people registering these domains with no intention of using them. Instead, they will buy the domains and sit on them until some poor business owner such as yourself comes along and wants to buy the domain from them, where they will charge extortionate amounts of money to take advantage of your needs. As annoying as this is, unfortunately it’s something that can’t be avoided at present.

Over 1300 new gTLD’s have been created with the aim of letting your business get hold of the domain you want more easily, and making domains more targetted. E.g. if you are a florist, the .florist domain would be perfect for your business and you could register yourbusinessname.florist. Users who want to view your website would then just type in ‘yourbusinessname.florist’ in their address bar and zing, there you are! Easy, right? At the moment, these domains seem to be confusing a lot of people who don’t understand them, but in coming years no doubt they will become more and more prominent on the web.


Why register a new gTLD?

  • Get a short, to-the-point domain that allows people to find you easily
  • Match your domain to your industry, so users have a good idea of exactly what they’re looking at
  • New gTLD’s can help build customer trust and get your business recognised
  • Attract new visitor’s with the modern trend

Even if you already own the .com or .co.uk for your business, a new gTLD will compliment these perfectly. Netz can help you set up multiple domains which all go to the same website. Why not try out a new domain on your promotional material? People will visit the link just because they are intrigued by the URL!

Which new gTLD’s are available?

Over 1300 new possibilities are available, with more being released all the time. Here’s a few examples:

  • .news – Great for newspapers
  • .catering – Perfect for restaurants, cafes etc.
  • .pub – Get your pub recognised with a trendy .pub domain
  • .london – Is your business based in london? Let everyone know!
  • .coffee – Let the world know about your love of coffee!

How much do the new gTLD’s cost?

Prices vary for these domains, from £4-5 to £80+ per year. Get in touch and I’ll let you know how much your domain would cost.

How Netz can help

If the sound of a new gTLD appeals to you & your business, get in touch with Netz today and we’ll help you find the perfect domain for you. We will be able to advise which domains are available to you, which ones would be good to promote and more.

With a new gTLD, you can of course have email addresses for your domain as well as your website’s URL. Why not give your email a personal touch?

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